Over 100 Arkham Inmates Declared Dead by Internal Investigation

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From the second issue of The Gotham Times:

The inmates that went missing the night of the Narrows Attack are to be "presumed dead," announced Arkham Managing Director David Lepeskov.

Although no bodies have yet been recovered, an internal investigation concluded that the inmates died in the Gotham Channel during an escape attempt that night.

"We regard with very high confidence that the inmates lost their lives to drowning or hypothermia in the freezing-temperature waters of Gotham River," reads the report.

The investigation found "no conclusive evidence" that any of the missing criminals were seen after the night of the Narrows Attack.

Citizen reports spotting the missing criminals, which include terror mastermind Dr. Jonathan Crane and mob assassin Victor Zsasz, were attributed to an atmosphere of "panic and jumpiness" in the city following the Attack.

Arkham Asylum has come under withering criticism for allowing Dr. Jonathan Crane to create, test and produce the Fear Toxin on the institute's grounds. Lepeskov, however, defended Arkham Asylum, saying that Crane was a "master psychopath" who "could have fooled Sigmund Freud himself."

The declaration that the missing inmates are "to be presumed dead" opens up the payment of millions of dollars of insurance money held in abeyance until the status of the men could be determined.

[edit] Connections

The article refers to events that occurred in Batman Begins.

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