Notaro Wiretap (IA8234971)

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A transcript of the wiretap follows:


(dialing numbers)



Rossi: Yes?

Notaro: Rossi?

Rossi: Yeah.

Notaro: Where the hell have you been? I've been tryin' to call ya.

Rossi: I've been helpin' old ladies cross the street. You know me.

Notaro: Gee...look Rossi, uh, uh-I can't do this anymore.

Rossi: What can't you do?

Notaro: The whole damn thing - all the lies and worse! They're after me! I'm hearin' things.

Rossi: Who's after you, the Chechens?

Notaro: No, Internal Affairs - they're sniffin' around that thing!

Rossi: What thing?!

Notaro: You know...that thing! That thing with the guy!

Rossi: The thing with the guy with the orange juice?

Notaro: No, the thing with the guy - the sicko!

Rossi: Oh, THAT thing. What about it?

Notaro: They're investigatin' it!

Rossi: (flippant) That's impossible! We shut it down! It's ah - what do you call it? Moot.

Notaro: Well, they're re-openin' it!

Rossi: Aaah, don't worry about it! You worry too much! Everyone worries too much! Go enjoy your boat. Take the day off, you still get paid.

Notaro: I want out, Rossi.

Rossi: Don't talk crazy now, Notaro! Why you gotta talk crazy?

Notaro: I want out before anything else happens.

Rossi: You're losin' me here!

Notaro: I'm a cop, Rossi. A cop! I forgot that for a while, but not no more! I'm a cop! My dad was a cop, and when he died, when that cancer ate him all up, the fraternal order of Gotham Police gave him a 9-gun salute! Guys in full dress, white-gloved, the whole thing!

Rossi: (sarcastically) I'm very sorry for your loss.

Notaro: What I'm sayin' is, I want that. When I go, I want my kid to see the same thing. Respect! Pride! I can't lose my badge over this.

Rossi: (laughs) It's like the one with the village idiot here. Lemme explain something to you. SLOWLY, so YOU can understand. We helped you with that thing. You remember? You came to us and we helped you. We took care of it, and we took care o' you. And you...take care o' US. That's the way it works, that's the way it's ALWAYS worked.

Notaro: Y-yeah, but -

Rossi: If you think you can walk away from this thing...try it. See what happens.

Notaro: I've talked it over with with Cisneros. We want out.

Rossi: Fraaaank. You are makin' such a big mistake.

Notaro: We're out.

Rossi: Look, look. Frank. Don't do anything stupid. Let's talk about it with Candoloro, you know him. We can work something out. We always work it out.

Notaro: I'm hangin' up now.