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The following is miscellaneous email correspondence to/from Glenn Barhyte's email account.

March 29, 2008

Our Job Isn't Done Yet

Even though Roger Garcetti is pulling ahead in the race for Gotham DA, we've still got an uphill battle. Harvey Dent is making endless speeches about corruption, change and hope – worse yet, the people of Gotham are starting to believe him. So, please donate to the Garcetti campaign today. If you're a member of the Gotham Police Department, your donation will be noticed! We need to stick together, now more than ever.

Your voice in City Hall, -- Roger Garcetti

March 30, 2008


Then come on down to Rossi's Deli. We've got prosciutto so fresh, you'll think you're inside a pig. Salami, pepperoni, brisket - the gang's all here!

Cancel my subscription

To: Subscription Dept.

April 14th, 2008

I don't know what wisenheimer signed me up for a subscription to your magazine (which I'm not even going to mention by name), but I want you to stop sending them to my house. It's disgusting. My name is Glenn Barhyte, subscription #78226.

Hey, doc

To: Dr. Tatagliari

April 13th, 2008

Just wanted to let you know that I've been having some dizzy spells, so I'm going to the E.R. now. We should talk tomorrow about my prescription - I'm not sure it's doing the trick. Please don't tell my wife about this (she's a worrier).

Remember me?

From: Jason Wheatleyberg III

April 25, 2008

Ring a bell? How's it hanging brother! Darn, I haven't seen you in years. What has it been? I got your email from Frankie Boy, he ran into you at that Goliaths game and he said you found a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet lil girl to call your own. Damn, I'm glad someone got lucky! Mine's fat and bitter! Remember when we egged all those cars on Haley Avenue and we egged a police car and they chased us through the streets but only caught Frankie and they gave him a BEATDOWN! Love those days, brother. Write me back Glenny Boy.



To: Bob "Home Improvement" Wodenfeld

Date: Tuesday, July 8th 11:02am

Hey Bob. Nice talking with you last night. Just writing to confirm for tomorrow. Cecilia is really going to be surprised. Can't wait to look at some of the samples. The kid's gonna love this room.

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