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From the second issue of The Gotham Times:

"Maroni a Legitimate Businessman"

It is outrageous that The Gotham Times continues to slime a legitimate businessman who happens to have a vowel at the end of his name. ("What says 'Maroni's Men Were Here?' Garrotte Marks").

Have I missed a trial, or has Mr. Maroni ever been convicted of jaywalking, let alone leading a massive criminal conspiracy? Throughout the bloodshed on the city streets, The Gotham Times has played up anti-Italian prejudices, asserted the reality of a "Falcone crime family now run by Maroni", and all in all attempted to libel a tax-paying member of the community.

The Gotham Times, especially in the emotional day we live in, should be attempting to calm ethnic strife rather than exacerbate it. Maroni deserves an apology, and so do your readers.

Saul Rossini
Little Italy

"Our Schoolkids Need To Eat More Bananas"

The junk food in Gotham schools is killing our kids with trans fats, salts, and sugars. Gotham is well on its way to becoming the fattest city in America. On the city streets, I see piles of fat masquerading as humans jiggling down alleys, weighing down corners, and attempting to haul all their cellulite across streets.

We need to start with the next generation if we are to make Gotham a happier, healthier, slimmer city. And the best thing we can do is offer more bananas in city school cafeterias. Each banana carries impressive nutritional benefits, including 600mg of potassium at only 140 calories.

We need to order 7 tons of bananas a year for the benefit of our kids. Everyone likes bananas, and by making eating healthy fun and tasty, we can ensure a better tomorrow for our children.

Mildred V Palantine

"Mazzala An Embarassment"

Does George Mazzala ever get tired of carrying the mob's water? Let's put aside his vicious attacks on Harvey Dent, his broadsides against Batman, and his chummy relations with everyone from seemingly anyone who has ordered witnesses shot, competitors killed, or informants "disappeared."

Now he's questioning the very notion of a "mob war"? ("What if it's all a Coverup?"). The idea that the Gotham Police Department would attempt to blame organized crime for its own ineffectiveness in combating street crime is the lowest Mazzala has stooped since I had the misfortune to begin subscribing to the paper.

How dare Mazzala, with no evidence whatsoever, speculate on the "dark motives" that "may be behind the 'mob-war story'. Is that anything Mazzala won't do for his mob chums? The Gotham Times is quickly losing its journalistic reputation, and it only has itself to blame.

Stewart Collins
The Narrows

"Action - and Dent - Is What We Need?"

I am shocked to read how some are quick to castigate Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent for his role in cleaning up the crime in our city. Dent has a vision and is pro-active in seeking solutions. Action is what we need. We can't afford any more of the GPD's miscues while innocent blood is shed every day it seems. Yet in the middle of this storm I still believe. For there are signals of solution in the sky. I still in our city. A city of justice. A city of love. A city of peace for everyone (sic) of us.

Derek Flor
Gotham Heights

"Afraid of Clowns?"

I understand that Gotham has endured some strange and frightening events recently, but now people are filing suspicious person reports when they see someone with clown makeup in public!

So far, these people have given no indication of even swiping a magazine from a newsstand; now, when they have their picture taken in front of a building - just like the thousands of other tourists do every day - passersby are now suspecting them as possible TERRORISTS?!?

Apparently, the people of Gotham have become so "jumpy" lately that they are willing to point fingers toward anyone that merely appears to be outside the norm, regardless of the suspect's actions. In the end, only time will tell whether our citizens were too quick to judge, or if these clowns will give them legitimate reasons to be truly, utterly afraid.

Bryan Fuqua
South Hinkley

"Dent Cannot Be Believed"

So now Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent pretends to turn upside-down the city, speaking of truth, justice and so on. Should we believe him? I think not. The more he's posing as a man of justice, the more it means he is corrupted like every powerful man in the city.

Right now Dent seems different from the others, but that is only part of the game, so he can get power by the fools who support him. A man who comes in the darkest moments to save the situation exists only in fables; in real life, people like that have always had other (bad) intentions.

Edward Nashton
Granton Beach

[edit] Connections

The writer of the last letter, Edward Nashton, is a reference to Batman villain The Riddler. Although he considers his civilian name "Edward Nygma," his real last name is Nashton.

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