Gotham a No-Goat Zone

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From the third issue of the Gotham Times:

Gotham City said goodbye to goats this past Friday, when the city council overturned a one-hundred year old law allowing residents to raise goats in their back yards. As recently as the 1940s, goats and chickens were common in Gotham neighborhoods, particularly those settled by immigrants who arrived during the great wave of the late 19th century. In modern times, only one family still kept a goat within city limits. "It was a Bestington family tradition," matriarch Tilda Bestington told The Times. "Our family was the first fabrics importer/exporter in Gotham. Plus, we like the cheese." In recent years, neighbors have started complaining about the constant bleating from the goat kept in the Bestington's uptown mansion. District Councilman Daniel Rutherford-Tyler responded to citizen complaints by sponsoring the new ordinance. "It's about time, don't you think" he told The Times over the phone.

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