Gotham Cab Company Shut Down, Green Taxis Stalled

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From the second issue of The Gotham Times:

Gotham environmentalists reacted with fury as the City stopped its "green taxi" initiative yesterday. The campaign to replace gas-powered taxis with hybrid vehicles fell victim to the ongoing investigation of Gotham Cabs. The company's owner, Karl Breitup, was killed in a shootout at Betty's House of Pies during an arrest attempt by GPD Internal Affairs. Breitup was suspected of corruption in his day job as a police officers. Gotham officials said they simply could not continue the deal with the company as evidence of its role as a "mob delivery network in Gotham" emerged. But environmentalists said that global warming was a crisis of planetary proportions, and that the city should not let its concern over "petty crime" stop it from taking major action against climate change.

[edit] Connections

The article is an update of the prospect of in light of Karl Breitup's death.

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