Deli Wiretap (MCU3932571)

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Woman: Rossi's Deli, this call may be recorded for training purposes, can I take your order?

Customer 1: Oh, yeah, I was going to do a, uh, just a corn beef


Customer 2: Do you have like a fish fry?

Woman: Okay, will that be all?

Customer 2: ...I think so.


Customer 3: I'll have spaghetti and meatballs.

Woman: Spaghetti and meatballs, alright and was there anything else for you?

Customer 3: No thank you.


Customer 4: Uh, yeah, I'd like to get a Joe's favorite for carry out


Customer 5: Yeah I'd like to order Joe's favorite please


Customer 6: Yes, I'd like to have, um, a triple deck turkey and cheese sandwich please


Customer 7: Um, Can I have the uh, uh Rossi's favorite?

Woman: Okay, Joe's favorite...

Customer 7: I'm sorry?

Woman: I was just saying, "Joe's favorite..."

Customer 7: That's right-That's right, yes. Um, I was told that, uh they're having a party for Mary Breitup there today?

Woman: Uh, No, not for Mary, I mean, I, I, I see her over there, uh, but I don't know of any party for her...

Customer 7: Um Think I could talk to her?

Woman: Uh, You know, the phone isn't for customer service...

Customer 7: Okay, I'm sorry. Just tell her that um, that I'm sorry about uh her loss, and uh that I hope that, you know, she has a great day, and just enjoys her meal, I guess.

Woman: Alright, I'll try to pass that message along to her.

Customer 7: Alright, Thank you very much.


Customer 8: Hi, I just wanted to order the um spaghetti and meat balls


Customer 9: Do you, do you um, see any other officers, or perhaps um, Mary Breitup in there?

Woman: Um, let me take a look, I think I saw her earlier... oh, yup, yup, there's Mary, she's having her coffee.

Customer 9: You wouldn't think I could talk to here now, do you?

Woman: You know, I'm sorry I'm sorry, we really don't let customers use the phones here, we really, you know, we just use it for taking orders.

Customer 9: Mmm hmm.

Woman: Is there any, a message you wanted me to leave me for her? I could maybe, leave her you know, leave her a call back number or you know, a message for her?

Customer 9: No, that's alright, like I said I wouldn't want you to get involved.

Woman: Oh. Okaay... [laughs a little]

Customer 9: Alright, thanks a lot, thank you

Woman: Alright, thank you

Customer 9: Alright, bye

Woman: Bye


Woman: Rossi's Deli, this call may be recorded for training purposes, can I take your order?

Customer 10: Yeah, it's my birthday, I wanted to make an order

Woman: Alright, what would you like?

Customer 10: I guess just a sandwich

Man in background: Get down!

Woman: What the-