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[edit] June 9, 2008

  • Death of prominent local physician ruled a suicide, despite absence of a note.
  • Second teenager sought in robbery and stabbing of a cab driver in Narrows.
  • Fines to be levied against contractors who were found to under-report cost estimates to win bids for GCR Destruction Zone reconstruction work.
  • Grandmother killed in 2-alarm blaze on Merchant Isle.
  • Mayor Garcia announces plan to provide shelter for the homeless in Harlow Park.
  • New "one-bin" recycling program kicks off this week.
  • Local favorite Walter Ferndale, 89, resigns as artistic director at the Gotham Theatre Company after 34 years.
  • Red tide comes to Gotham, shellfish beds threatened.
  • Police Officer wounded in shoot-out with drug dealers in Stevensburgh warehouse, suspects still at large.
  • Public smoking ban goes to City Council for vote.
  • 7th annual Flag Day Parade sets new route to avoid newly dangerous neighborhoods.
  • After $10 million renovation, Wellington Racetrack prepares for annual Wellington Derby. Large crowds expected.
  • Mayor proposes new education bill to help under-funded public schools by raising property taxes .5%.
  • Shooting rampage at uptown shopping mall leaves three dead and four injured.
  • Masked group of bandits rob Gotham City Rail Yellow Line. No one harmed. Said one elderly rider, "There's nothing quite like an old-fashioned stick up."
  • Councilman Larry Doraff introduces measure to mandate uniforms at all Gotham Unified schools. Says school superintendent, "This will help make all schools more conducive to learning."
  • Dingerling Sisters Circus animal-free circus comes to town next week with "puppet parade" planned.
  • Gotham's own Rockadoodle Dums give free concert at the South City Park Band Shell this weekend.
  • Longtime Gotham candy makers Tango Creams decides to close factory after declining profits.
  • Transportation chief announces new rechargeable "Scan Cards" to be used on all Gotham public busses and trains.
  • Patrons of Gotham area dry cleaners report burning and itching sensations after wearing recently dry cleaned clothes
  • The Gotham Youth Symphony presents the music of Berlioz at Gotham Hall next Tuesday.
  • Window falls out of 30-story high rise office building. No one inured, but contractor investigation sparked.
  • U.S. Corps of Engineers to survey all Gotham bridges this summer amid safety concerns.
  • Truckload of marbles overturns on Gotham freeway. "Not as funny as you would think," says motorist caught in 10-hour jam.
  • Man causes commotion at Laundromat. "The thing ate my quarters and my clothes didn't dry," he shouted as police took him into custody for disturbing peace.

[edit] June 16, 2008

  • Absentee Ballot Results (Updated!):
Municipal Judge: Nancy Surrillo 45%, Marvis Lelonek 24%, Jackson Carano 31%
Mayor: Anthony Garcia 65%, Andrew Horwitz 35%
District Attorney: Harvey Dent 97%, Roger Garcetti 1%, Dana Worthington 2%
  • Gotham City Council considering free parking proposal for drivers of Hybrid vehicles
  • Uptown dog electrocuted by live manhole cover; third such incident this week
  • Local Union 232 President indicted on charges of embezzlement; mob ties suspected
  • High profile Art Dealer, Eric Frober, arrested during exhibition at Wayne Memorial Arts Center, accused of smuggling stolen paintings
  • Woman survives fall onto subway tracks; able to climb back on platform as train pulls into station
  • Cab drivers back out of talks with city officials; potential for a strike now considered
  • Gotham City slims down; No longer a top ten most obese city after child obesity rates fall dramatically
  • Gothamite Pearl Scople wins Spelling Bee; final word was "Anatidaephobia"
  • Finals of America's Sweetest Sweetheart to be filmed live at the Grand Theatre in Gotham.
  • Tennis and basketball courts to be built at three parks in Midtown Gotham currently undergoing renovation
  • Cemeteries in Gotham proper are filling up… where will you be buried?
  • Man drowns after his kayak capsizes on Gotham River.
  • Gotham prepared for HD changeover; Study shows only 27% of residents will have to purchase new televisions.
  • Thoroughbred horse Lucky Date escapes when truck overturns on freeway exit ramp. Horse considered a "long shot" by many racing experts.
  • Parent and teacher groups support mayoral measure to increase school funding. Homeowners resist property tax hike.
  • Batman nabs City Rail bandits during attempted holdup of southbound Green Line train.
  • Owners of Gotham clothiers form group to fight school uniform measure, calling it "unconstitutional."
  • Crowds "boo" the Dingerling Sisters puppet parade through Gotham. "This sucked," says 10-year-old boy.
  • 50,000 fans swarm South City Park for free concert by local rock band made good, the Rockadoodle Dums. Authorities report, "The crowd was great and so was the band."
  • Online petitions start to "Save Tango Creams." Over 80,000 signatures collected so far.
  • Scan Card systems now being installed at all Gotham City Rail stations. Select Post Offices will also have cards available for sale.
  • Health Inspector to investigate use of illegal cleaning agents in Gotham dry cleaners.
  • Critics unanimous: "Gotham Youth Symphony makes Gotham proud, brings music of Berlioz to life."
  • "We only use top quality materials," falling window contractor Willie Foils tells GCN. "I don't know how that window fell out."
  • Building manager reports no one in office during falling window episode, suggests contractor's "shoddy work."
  • Cut power line at Gotham Goodness Foods raises food safety concerns. Owner assures consumers, "There's no worry. Our backup power saved the day."
  • Corps of Engineers to release bridge survey findings at press conference on Monday morning.
  • Motorists incensed by 15% increase in parking ticket fines. "We have to pay for pothole repair somehow," says mayor.
  • New program to clean graffiti from city busses and trains goes into effect next month.
  • Top selling Gotham Girl Guide inks deal to tell story of "One Million Cookies Sold."

[edit] June 20, 2008

  • New ordinance fines stores negligent in keeping track of their shopping carts
  • Roving brown-outs expected to end as new power plant comes on-line.
  • Police establish new task-force to take on tagging
  • Dog license fees rise as licensee numbers fall
  • Gotham Executives charged with illegal importation of Venezuelan vanilla
  • Even as employment tightens, teens find summer jobs on the rise
  • Mayor Garcia vows city to start running at a surplus in two years; city has been running at a deficit for the past 12
  • Area man attacked by nunchuck-wielding road rager after near-collision on I-7 &
  • Police nab thief suspected in over a dozen robberies of Narrows convenience and package stores
  • Abandoned children discovered after oldest boy goes shopping; mother responsible believed to have left the country
  • Gotham considering Styrofoam ban at restaurants
  • Torture victim survives harrowing 72 hour encounter with masked psychopath
  • School funding proposals fall short of expected need; state unlikely to cover the gap.
  • Wellington Derby long-shot runner Lucky Date seen galloping through North City Park. Animal control unable to restrain horses before it raced away.
  • School-funding measure passes with compromise of .25% increase in property tax rates.
  • 67% of parents support school uniform measure, according to poll.
  • Theater review calls Dingerling Sisters circus "so-so"; animal rights activists applaud cage-free show.
  • Teary Tango Creams owner Beth Fishiezle says, "I'm touched by the outpouring of support, but if people actually bought our candies, I would have stayed open."
  • Harvey Dent denies rumors that he will seek the mayor's office in next election.
  • Testing underway for new transportation Scan Cards. Transportation chief says, "This will make taking mass transit even easier."
  • Tainted batch of dry cleaning chemical perchloroethylene discovered at 20 Gotham dry cleaners. Health inspector to look for source.
  • Falling window contractor blames mismanagement for window incident. "If Lou took care of his buildings like he took care of his prize roses, this would never have happened."
  • Building manager for falling window building: "I raise prize petunias, not roses. That shows you how much [contractor] Willie Foils knows. He's nothing but a lying louse."
  • Food recall: Packages of Gotham Goodness brand beef patties tagged A.17.c recalled.
  • "Severe problems" on many Gotham bridges, says Corps. of Engineers at morning press conference. "We are talking to city authorities about how best to rectify the issues."
  • More than one Batman? Multiple Batman sightings reported at same time around city.
  • City council passes ordinance barring basketball from driveways and residential streets after 8pm Sun. through Thurs.
  • Moscow Ballet garners rave reviews. "An ecstatic experience," says famed Gotham dancer Dionne Donovan Doxley.

[edit] June 27, 2008

  • Redistricting plans put on hold as legislature unable to achieve a quorum.
  • Gotham Film Office to open this year to help streamline the process for shooting films in the city; office was formed out of last year’s bill offering tax credits to filmmakers interested in shooting in Gotham.
  • Three home invaders shot and killed by teenage girl who had hidden in a closet.
  • Family dog leaps from moving vehicle in slow traffic along I-14; animal survives, traffic crawls.
  • Boy avoids injury when shoot-out breaks out on his street; his game console not so lucky.
  • Girl Guides advised not to go door-to-door for cookie sales in Gotham after robbery incidents.
  • Tropical storm no longer expected to make landfall near Gotham.
  • Bike and bike-part thefts on the rise; City Commissioner to address glut of abandoned disabled vehicles.
  • Switching error delays all trains on Red Line.
  • 14-year-old girl corals Lucky Date race horse. "All it took was a bag of carrots and some kind words. I don't think he's a long shot at all".
  • School uniform measure fails by whopping vote of 180 to 20.
  • Dingerling Sisters Bob and Stan call Gotham audiences "uncivilized apes."
  • Scan Cards go into service effective this week. Tokens to be phased out.
  • Source discovered for tainted dry cleaning chemical: factory cat "caught on tape" dumping powdered lye into chemical vat.
  • Contractor Willie Foils sues building manager Lou Grossburg for defamation of character over falling window incident.
  • Restaurant review: "Wegstaff Room over-rated" says food critic Humphrey Tumbledown.
  • "Tree thug" caught by Batman during election turns state's evidence for Harvey Dent.
  • Stores report unusual shortage of red and white shoe polish.

[edit] July 3, 2008

  • Refurbishment begins on Petersburg Bridge.
  • North City Park flower show starts next week.
  • City council to vote on new dog "cleanup" ordinance.
  • 17th Century frigate found in the North Channel.
  • Rootsville Park annual "root vegetable" festival this weekend.
  • Mayor's aid involved in office affair scandal.
  • Batman sighted at West Harlow holdup.
  • Boat reported missing in Bermuda Triangle.
  • Plagued by frequent mechanical problems, aging Gotham Ferry Liberty back in service after mechanical overhaul.
  • Admiral Docks to receive $5 million upgrade.
  • Wayne Central Station closed for two hours due to strange odors.
  • Local music legend Hal Brimley dies at 87.
  • Mayor’s Office receiving complaints about Commissioner Loeb’s decision to intensify GPD’s presence on the streets.
  • Tickets now on sale for Gotham Film Festival.
  • Long-shot Lucky Date wins Wellington Derby against astonishing odds of 120 to 1.
  • Councilman Larry Doraff, the man responsible behind school uniform initiative, takes early retirement to "spend more time at my new vacation house."
  • Complete meltdown on all city rail lines upon system wide Scan Card glitch. Transportation chief resigns.
  • Manager of "falling window" building Lou Grossburg apologizes to contractor Willie Foils when window washer admits to accidentally loosening fastening bolt while cleaning window.
  • Landmark preservation status granted to oldest hotel in Gotham, The Hollingsburg House.

[edit] July 10, 2008

  • Hollywood in Gotham? Major director considers filming in Gainsly.
  • Batman intervenes during liquor store robbery in Sheal.
  • Preservationists fight to save historic Adelphia Movie Theater.
  • Gas prices rising. City Council to decide on city tax rebate.
  • Mainline bursts in the Narrows. Three people seriously injured.
  • Electrical failure in South Hinkley throws neighborhood into panic.
  • Gotham International Airport cited for safety violations.
  • Meagan and Charles picked "most popular" baby names in Gotham.
  • Health inspector shut down Luigi's Famous Pies in Jerold.
  • Health inspector fired for accepting bribes.
  • Garbageman's Union raises stink about health benefits.
  • Sewer worker falls down well.
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