Boy, 7, Saves Sister In 5-Alarm Eastside Fire

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[edit] Boy, 7, Saves Sister In 5-Alarm Eastside Fire

Tragedy was averted yesterday on the Eastside thanks to a brave seven-year old boy, fire officials said. The boy, Charlie Siskey, escaped his family,s apartment at 72 Avenue A during a fire that raced through the tenement. But when he emerged into the street, he realized that his three-year old sister was still inside. "The kid ran straight through 8-foot flames and came out minutes later with his sister," said city fireman Christian Ledbitter. The fire was the seventh in recent weeks in the neighborhood. Officials say the fire started in a similiar fashion to previous ones, with gas-soaked rags stuffed in basement pipes. Neighborhood watchers suspect landlords of starting the fires to get around harsh rent control laws that make eviction difficult and building luxury high rises almost impossible. However, police officials say there is not evidence that landlords are involved.

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