Before We Clean Up The Streets, We Have To Clean Up The Sewers

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[edit] Before We Clean Up The Streets, We Have To Clean Up The Sewers

Gotham is a city under siege. Bombarded by crime, murder, and gang warfare, this once-great metropolis teeters on the brink of anarchy.

Mothers send their children to school without knowing if they will return home. Whole families are wiped out in sudden eruptions of street battles and gang warfare. The tape of history is reeling backwards, and Gotham is a risk of returning to a murderous, every-man-for-himself predatory state of nature.

Surely, Gotham cannot right itself immediately. We must start from the ground up. Or, rather, from beneath the group. The single most critical issue facing Gotham right now is the toxic water supply. The Health Department says the toxin must become airborne to become virulent, and that the water supply is indeed safe. But after dozens of psychotic episodes continue to wrack Gotham, this official assurance simply isn't enough.

Gotham needs to aggressively clean the water system and assure residents of its purity. The double-talk, false assurances, and incompetent management of the City Health Department must end.

Gotham is a city trapped in fear. The cops, corrupted as they may be, are supposed to bring order. What Batman brings is the possibility of justice. But Gotham needs neither of these things now. What we need is hope. And hope must begin with life's most basic need: clean and pure water.

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