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[edit] June 16, 2008

Have You Spotted Batman In YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?

We want your Batman pics and videos. We can't just cover the entire city with GCN photographers, so we're asking citizens to submit their own shots.

If you can find the real Batman -- or even a pic or video of a possible Batman, no matter how dubious -- send it in.

We'll post the best ones -- and you'll become part of Gotham history!

Beneath this message is a "SUBMIT YOUR SIGHTINGS" button. Clicking on it leads to a form for uploading Batman pictures or videos.

[edit] Submissions

After submitting a photo of "Batman" and accompanying it with a short blurb, an email would be received for verification.

Thank you for your submission!

You are on the way to becoming part of Gotham history.
The editors of Gotham Cable News are reviewing your submission right now. We will alert you when the submission is placed on the GCN web site.
And stay on the lookout for Batman!

Successful entries then received this message:

Dear X,

Congratulations! The editorial staff at GCN has approved your video/photo submission! You can view it soon at Check back in a day or two to view the entire feature!

It's citizens like you that will help make Gotham great again. Thanks!

[edit] Citizens for Batman submissions

When the participant submitted a video stating that they were part of, they received the following message:

Thanks for your submission. Unfortunately, it does not fit GCN's parameters for the batman sightings citizen-photojournalist project. While we can't accept your submission for this project, we are sure that it will be used for its *intended* purpose.


GCN Staff

Note: "Elizabeth" is presumed to be LibertyLiz from the Citizens For Batman forums.

[edit] July 3, 2008

[edit] June 20, 2008

Photos and video can now be viewed at the website. Featured submissions can be viewed as "Editor's Picks" at the top right corner. The deadline for submissions is June 29 at 11:59 PM (EDT).

[edit] June 30, 2008

One day after the deadline for submissions ended, participants begin receiving a package of Citizens for Batman promotional materials.

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