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Small scraps of paper scattered around Whysoserious.com links to 49 clues regarding numerous US cities. The files follow the format http://www.whysoserious.com/instructionImages/##.gif -- 49 Locations (by number) starting with 0 and ending in 48.






Including information from Slashfilm.com

Placement on the clues in the spaces provided can be found on FirstShowing.net


[edit] Albuquerque (8/48)

On San Felipe between Church and Charlevoix, go to the sign post for Patio Escondido. Follow the path to the back to find a chapel. To the right of the door you will see your prize.

[edit] Albuquerque (29/48)

At the signpost at the entrance of San Luis Plaza on Romero Street, you will see a staircase to the left. Go to the top of the first landing to see what’s been wrought.

[edit] Atlanta (24/48)

Start at the fountain at the north end of Woodruff Park, then head northwest from its very center. Just before you hit the street, you’ll see your mark circling above downtown

[edit] Atlanta (28/48)

On Peachtree between Ellis and Andrew Young, this glass target will Tower about you, even though it’s lowercase.



[edit] Atlanta (46/48)

Spring St NW between Walton and Poplar. In front of the 107 door.


[edit] Austin (17/48)

Start at the market at 6th & Lamar. Find the Amtrak sign by the tracks. Walk west along the tracks to the second light pole and peer through the trees until you see red.

Confirmed: Y

[edit] Austin (2/48)

Near Riverside & Barton Springs is a car wash with a mural. Go there, then find a nearby manhole that says SEWAR, stand on it and scan the skyline. I’d like to buy a vowel.


Confirmed: E

[edit] Austin (34/48)

At Congress & 6th is the Littlefield Building Clock. Go east on 6th, past a compass rose in the sidewalk. You’ll come to a street corner with a set of stairs, and there, above a stained glass door, you’ll find a gold gilt goodie.



[edit] Boston (32/48)

Where Winter meets Tremont, you’ll find a sign point to Locke Ober. Go the opposite direction a few steps, until you fins a dog’s best friend or two. You want red, not green.


[edit] Boston (18/48)

Stand on the west corner of Atlantic Ave. & Summer St. Look across Atlantic above the three blue senti-nels (sic.)

This is boston's biggest subway station, south station. the logo for the subway system is a T, you can see part of it in the clue.




[edit] Boston (4/48)

In front of Old City Hall, look for what lies between the quaver and the mus.

This refers to the "city carpet" mosaic, which was designed as a hopscotch board for the Boston Latin school.


The "N" is next to the "quaver" (a british term for an eighth note), and clearly corresponds to the photo clue given on whysoserious.


[edit] Chicago (9/48)

Start at the corner of Wabash & Jerusalem 2000. Look for the clock. At the clock head in the direction of the El. You’ll get to a place named for a train-not an aboveground train-next to the parking garage entrance. Across the entrance on the other side, you’ll find what you seek in the lime green circle


Photo by Nickolas Blazina (FOBOF)

CONFIRMED: N (check whysoserious, they turned the Z on its side)

[edit] Chicago (44/48)

Start at Pizzeria Due at Ontario and Wabash and head towards the street named for the Buckeye state. When you see the North Bridge at your feet, look across the street. Inset in the sidewalk are white square made of two triangles. Count fourteen white squares and stand on the 14th. Scan. No, you’re not going through the looking glass.


Photo by Nickolas Blazina (FOBOF)


[edit] Chicago (30/48)

Pizza in Chicago. Start at Uno (Wabash) and count to Due. Cactus to your back, chili pepper in front, start walking. Stop at the manhole cover that says COMCAST and find the door that has a 9 over it. It's not difficult to see what you need from where you're standing.


Photo by Nickolas Blazina (FOBOF)

CONFIRMED: W (check whysoserious, they turned the M upside down)

[edit] Cleveland (40/48)

Start where 5 streets come together under the lizard's winking eye and the ghosts of '54 mutter "wait for next year" like they do every fall.

That "leaves" east and if you're right they'll be underfoot, stone leaves in a triangular park. Keep walk-ing, boys and girls.

At the third awning (the first one, just past the last of the leaves, mentions a great lake) you'll find your gilt gift above the door.

[9] - Quickens Arena (north of Ontario near Jacob's field)


[edit] Cleveland (12/48)

Where five streets come together under the lizard's winking eye, you can hear the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd.

Well, you could if the Tribe hadn't choked. Head west on the street named for a great lake. Stick to the south side of the street, and when you see 5 newspaper boxes, stop.

Across the street is a doorway identified by a stone shield yielding your reward.

[edit] Columbus (19/48)

With Wexner Center to your back, stand on the OSU Seal. Walk forward to the place where 13 paths meet. Take the 11:00 path. At the end of the spoke, look for the big rock. There, you'll see a door, with three steps up, a landing, and one more. Don't use the handles, just look.



[edit] Columbus (20/48)

At the Statehouse, honor the Spanish American war near the steps. Not far away you will see the broad back of our 21st. Look for the mists of ages. There, you'll find an empty urn. Standing at the urn, you can see a clock. And above the clock, a treasure in the sky.


[edit] DC (5/48)

Start at the spinning horses on The Mall. Head northeast to the home of the non-moving objects. Inside its confines, you'll find granite seating for six. Any seat will do.

[edit] DC (7/48)

Dial in what you need below Lat. 38°53'N"Long. 77°01'W" at Lat 38°53'18"N Long. 77°01'33"W

[edit] DC (38/48)

Independence Ave. & 6th St. SW. Go in, turn left and go down into the missile pit. Do as the Romans do, and identify the first of four fins on the Jupiter-C.



[edit] Denver (1/48)

In an alley between Champa and Curtis just off of 15th street, you'll see a lovely fellow pointing to a door. Don't go in or knock, just look.


[edit] Denver (11/48)

Standing on Champa under a giant question mark, look towards the "Old West" past 16th street. Keep your chin up.


[edit] Denver (35/48)

Exit the Barclay Towers towards the cheesy cake. Walk 8 steps out, turn 90 degrees left and walk 10 steps forward. Look down and you'll find the veined one.


[edit] Detroit (6/48)

Stand under the People Mover at Library & Farmer, and look away! Look away! From pup-petland (sic.)

[edit] Detroit (42/48)

At Rogell & Burton are some blue spinners. Just one will do.

[edit] Las Vegas (25/48)

Escape the Strip by heading East on Tropicana until you decide to take a rest at the Loose Caboose Saloon. Floor your friends by finding this puzzle piece in a star.

Right past Mojave going east on Tropicana, you'll find the Loose Caboose Saloon. In the same parking lot is Carpets N More. The "floor" obviously is carpet, and the N in the logo is within a star.


[edit] Los Angeles (14/48)

Start at the old trolley station on E 12th and San Julien. Head northeast, past the Golden Star and the disco song.

When you hit the first intersection, cross to the far side, then turn to walk away from the honeypot. Con-tinue (sic.) until you stand between two 8's at the Private Property sign. Look across the street to your cardinal prize.

Turning left down 11th st...you pass several large metal gates with "8" MPH speed limit signs. If you move further down, a small PRIVATE PROPERTY SIGN hangs near the end of the fence, right next to another "8" MPH sign.

Turn and look across the street...and you will find a large metal "E".



[edit] Miami (45/48)

Hurricanes as a National Pastime? Peek above the fence on San Amaro to see the score.



[edit] Miami (48/48)

Starting at the southwest corner of SE 1st St. & SE 1st Ave., head south. Between the 1st and 2nd columns you pass, you'll see your target between the waxing and the body.

[edit] Miami (41/48)

On the east sidewalk of Biscayne Blvd. at NE 1st St., walk north a few yards to where the gray line gets large. Now look out toward the bay at the monolithic reward.


REPORTEDLY: I *think* it is an I?

[edit] Minneapolis (10/48)

Under the giant red orb with a name that is befitting, at the corner of Hennepin & 9th.


Confirmed: S

[edit] Minneapolis (16/48)

At the old Pillsbury building that stands near the bank of the Mississippi, follow the "lower trail" right to your goal.

Preview photo on whysoserious is of the Pillsbury "A" Mill. See photo at the bottom of this page http://www.mndaily.com/articles/2005/10/18/65656

[edit] Minneapolis (26/48)

At the corner of 2nd Ave S. & 5th Street, look for the silver-circled prize on marble.

This was on the side of a Minneapolis Transit stop.


Confirmed: T

[edit] New York (3/48)

Stand on the 16-pointed star at 57th & Lexington. Cast your eyes to the skies, but don't be afraid to lie if you have to.


[edit] New York (22/48)

Stand on the south corner of E. 54th & Lexington. What you need is above The Shops at Citigroup Center.

[edit] New York (37/48)

Walk NE on 6th from 47th-50th Streets - Rockefeller Station. Stand on the bronze plaque for 1230 and look up between two buildings across the street to see the wonder in the distance.


[edit] Phoenix (13/48)

In front of South Point High you'll see your target encircled and under bars.

The answer is L. South Pointe High School is run by the Leona group. Its a charter high school and their logo is an encircled L and South Pointe is behind lots of bars.




[edit] Phoenix (27/48)

Go to Van Buren at Central and stand with the Chase Center sign directory behind you. You'll be staring straight at your goal.

[edit] Pittsburgh (0/48)

Where Liberty meets Wood. Stand on the very tip of the west corner and face away from the street to see what suits you.



[edit] Pittsburgh (15/48)

Head to Grandview & Oneida. Take the 50¢ tour, if you're so inclined.

Find the drive gear and look straight up from the 22, as long as it's not spinning.



[edit] Portland (39/48)

If you have too many Bacon Maple Bars, you might have trouble fitting into some of the eclectic numbers on display nearby.

Lured by the shimmer of bronze and gold, your goal is circled.



[edit] Raleigh (23/48)

Starting at the State Capitol and walking due south, it won't be difficult to spy with your pretty little eye a glass door marked with your goal. Stay focused, and all will become clear.

[edit] Raleigh (36/48)

At Fayetteville and Davie streets, walk south from where Sir Walter sleeps, and have a seat on one of the benches in the mall.

Above you, you will see what you need, wreathed like Caesar.



[edit] San Fransisco (21/48)

Start in front of the Union Pacific club. Head east across the street, then head south, across the street. Go 48 paces east, turn right, and look down. Are you being watched?



[edit] San Fransisco (31/48)

Find the "Heart" of Union Square. Turn west and look up-WAY up. You'll have lots to choose from.



[edit] San Fransisco (33/48)

"Powell & O'Farrell. Keep a lid on it."

There is a Lids hats store w/the letter "L" at the street level.



[edit] Seattle (47/48)

If you're seeing double after having a few pints at Jabu's, there is a handy eye exam just up the street. Look for the red wall.


[edit] Seattle (43/48)

At Stevens and I-5, there is a veritable over-achiever here, sitting atop his tower, green and hard-to-miss, especially during rush hour.


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